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 2018 October game with Sheffield

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PostSubject: Re: 2018 October game with Sheffield   Sun Aug 12 2018, 22:52

Thanks for setting this up Doc. I'll be in this year (not doing the Leeds show anymore) and happy to play whatever the club goes for Very Happy
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PostSubject: 2018 October game with Sheffield   Wed Aug 08 2018, 09:09

I've put up a new topic for discussing our 2018 game in October with the Sheffield lads.
Thought it would be easier to follow in its own topic rather than getting lost among the weekly games posts in the main thread.

As far as I remember (wasn't in last year), it was an American War of Independence battle.

I'm feeling a 28mm Napoleonic or 20mm WWII battle would be easiest to arrange with the availability of figures in the club. We probably need to get an idea of what is easily fielded in painted figures from members. Would be best to get that in the club rather than putting it up publically here.

I'm willing to chase a list of figures available list.
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2018 October game with Sheffield
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